200 Random Heterogeneous Facts You Can Learn - Facts Did You Know?

1.   Relative to their body size, pigs have small lungs. 

2.   It is illegal for U.S. citizens to eat penguins. 

3.   Dogs have ‘Eureka moments’ and enjoy the experience of solving a problem in order to obtain a reward. 

4.   Looking at cute animal pictures at work can make you more productive, a study claims. 

5.    The Elk is the national animal of Norway. 

6.   Chameleons are not deaf but they do not actually have ear openings. 

7.     Cattle are red/green color blind. 

Facts About Cattles

8.     In 1983, in Redondo Beach, California passed a resolution to adopt a new Official Bird. They chose the Goodyear Blimp. 

9.    Comets orbit the Sun in an oval pattern. 

10.    Horses can’t vomit. 

11.     Pikachu is a mouse type Pok√©mon. 

12.    Starlings were deliberately introduced to America in 1890 so that every bird mentioned in Shakespeare could be found in the USA. 

13.    In Southwestern France, European catfishes have learned to strand themselves on the beach to kill pigeons. 

14.    The platypus has been used as a mascot for national events in Australia and is featured on the Australian 20 cent coin. 

15.    The stars in each constellation are named after a Greek alphabet. 

16.    Unfertilized bumblebee eggs become males, and only fertilized eggs grow into females and queens. 

17.    The flamingo can only eat when its head is upside down. 

facts of flamingo

18.    Clownfish live up to 10 years in the wild but on average up to 6 – 8 years. 

19.    Winds ten times stronger than a hurricane on Earth swirl around Saturn’s equator reaching up to 1100 km/h – and they never let up: even for a moment. 

20.    Lions are the tallest of all big cats. The males can be up to 4ft at shoulder height, whereas the females only 3ft 3 in. 

21.    Fart Battles were popular art scrolls created in Japan during the Edo period. 

22.     The oceanic dolphins are also called “true dolphins”. 

23.     In 2009, Nigerian Police arrested a goat on suspicion of attempted armed robbery. 

24.   "The boomslang snake's venom causes you to bleed from all holes of your body." 

25.    "California 's official state animal, the California grizzly bear, is extinct." 

26.    A whale’s throat is only large enough to roughly let a beach ball pass through, whereas its mouth can store up to 90 metric tons of food and water. 

Whale facts

27.     Iguanodon was the second dinosaur to receive a formal name (1825), the first being Megalosaurus (1824). 

28.    Eight of the ten largest statues in the world are of Buddhas. 

29.   During World War II, the very first bomb dropped on Berlin by the Allies, killed the only elephant in Berlin Zoo. 

30.    Earth is the only place in the solar system where a total solar eclipse can happen. 

31.     Taking nap longer than 20 minutes during a day can help boost memory and enhance creativity. 

32.     Our Sun completes an orbit of the Milky Way galaxy about once every 225million years. 

33.    Elephants are pregnant for almost two years. 

facts of elephant

34.     82% of people would feel more confident approaching an attractive person if they had their dog with them, a survey found. 

35.    A garden caterpillar has 248 muscles in its head. 

36.    "An area of the Sun's surface the size of a postage stamp shines with the power of 1,500,000 candles." 

37.     If a honeybee keeps waggle dancing in favor of an unpopular nesting site, other workers headbutt her to help the colony reach a consensus. 

38.    Hog-nosed snakes will feign death by rolling on their back, and then rolled upright will roll back again as if to insist they’re really dead. 

39.    If the Sun were to stop producing energy today, it would take 50 million years for significant effects to be felt at Earth. 

40.     Cockroaches shed their skin. 

Cockroaches  facts

41.    When females Giraffes need to go and hunt for food, one of them will stay behind and babysit the young giraffes. 

42.    The Ankylosaurus was a large dinosaur. Scientists estimate it reached a length of around 9 meters (30 feet) and a weight of around 6000 kg (13000 lb). 

43.    A GAY BOMB was once proposed at the Pentagon to turn the enemy gay. 

44.     There is a shark called ‘goblin shark’ which has only been seen around 50 times since its discovery in 1897. 

45.    Our galaxy, the Milky Way, is a spiral galaxy. 

46.    The closest relations of the hippopotamus are surprisingly cetaceans such as whales and dolphins. 

47.    "The pressure at the Sun's core is 340 billion times the pressure at the Earth's atmosphere." 

48.     Hummingbirds are the only birds who can fly backward. 

facts of hummingbirds

49.     Cheetahs generally inhabit Africa and the Middle East. 

50.    Although Australia is home to the largest number of venomous snakes in the world, it averages only one fatal snake bite per year. 

51.    The fearsome werewolf legend has roots in ancient Greece, where after being insulted, Zeus turned King Lycaon of Arcadia into a wolf. 

52.    Google intends to scan all known existing 129 million unique books before 2020. 

53.     The name rhinoceros means ‘nose horn’ and is often shortened to a rhino. 

54.    The four smaller inner planets, also known as the “terrestrial planets” (Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars), are primarily composed of rock and metal. 

55.     Herrings communicate through farts. 

56.    In Mozambique, overhead power lines have to be at least 12 m (39 ft) high to permit safe passage of giraffes. 

57.     Animals generate 30 times more waste than humans which is 1.4 billion tons every year. 

58.    Most kangaroos eat grass. 

59.    Adolf Hitler hated cats, so there’s another reason why you shouldn’t like him. 

60.    There are around 11,000 known species of grasshopper found around the world, often inhabiting grassy fields, meadow, and forest areas. 

61.     The four penguins in the film Madagascar are named Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private. 

62.    Every day of the year, 100 whales are killed by whale fisherman. 

63.    Horses are often seen in photographs ‘laughing’ or ‘smiling’, but this movement is actually to help them smell better. 

64.    Eagles have excellent eyesight. 

facts about eagle

65.    "Both Nicholas Cage and Michael Jackson shared the same wife, Elvis Presley's daughter, Lisa Marie Presley." 

66.    Shark is capable of jumping up to 2m out of the water when hunting prey. 

67.    Bumblebees can sense a flower’s electric field and use it to find pollen. 

68.     A whale’s heart beats only nine times a minute. 

69.    Jellyfish bodies are made up of water and protein. 

70.    "Emus can't walk backward." 

71.    Penguins live in the Southern Hemisphere. 

72.    The Cowardly Lion from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900) wished for courage so that one day he might become ‘King of the Forest’. 

73.   Guy Fawkes is the reason guys are called “guys”. 

74.     Diplodocus had a long tail which contained around 80 vertebrae. 

75.    The locations of the world’s tallest and oldest trees are kept the top secret to avoid tourist crowds damaging them and their surroundings. 

76.    A man named Moondyne Joe escaped prison so many times, that police built a special cell for him, from which he escaped as well. 

77.    Radiations of the Sun are in two forms, electromagnetic (photons) and particle (electrons, protons, alpha particles, etc.) radiation. 

78.    In captivity, giant pandas can live up to 35 years, but only 15 the wild. 

79.    Spotted hyenas sometimes scavenge, but, contrary to popular belief, they kill 95% of their food. 

80.     Resting in water helps keep hippopotamuses temperature down. 

facts did you know Hippopotamus

81.    It takes twice as long to lose new muscle if you stop working out then it took to gain it. 

82.    Golfer Tiger Woods had a pet dog as a child and used to talk to it for hours every day in an attempt to get rid of his childhood stutter. 

83.     Dogs can see in color, though they most likely see colors similar to a colour–blind human. 

84.    Around 250 of these are capable of killing a human with one bite. 

85.    In the wild, kangaroos often live to the age of 6. 

86.    SETI is the Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence - the program that analyzes radio signals from space for signs of intelligent life. 

87.    The domesticated turkey is descended from the wild turkey. 

88.    In Ancient Egypt, civilians would suffer a severe punishment if they hurt a cat. 

89.     The front paws of a cat are different from the back paws. They have five toes on the front but only four on the back. 

90.    Clownfish can be kept as saltwater aquariums or tanks as pets. 

91.     Zoos will take donated Christmas Trees and use them to feed their animals. 

facts of Christmas tree

92.    Humans help train various dog breeds to enter in competitions such as breed shows, agility and obedience contests, racing and sled pulling. 

93.    Cockroaches have distinct personalities, a study found. 

94.     Giving birth can cause an orgasm: the release of hormones during delivery can push some women to ecstasy. 

95.    Small comets are about 1 kilometer across. 

96.   Elliptical galaxies often appear to have one bright star in the middle but it is actually a collection of stars. 

97.     Humans can inflate balloons with their ears. 

98.    The atmosphere of Pluto consists of nitrogen with some carbon monoxide and methane

99.    In most birds, bones are so hollow that the entire skeleton weighs less than its feathers. 

100.     A prehistoric skeleton of a penguin was found and is actually bigger than any living penguin that exists, it is believed they were up to 5ft tall (1.5 meters). 

101.    Jellyfish cells (nematocysts) inject anything that brushes against them with toxins, which cause the sting. 

102.     Hares are usually larger than rabbits and have longer ears. 

103.    Facebook is estimated to spend US$30 million a month on hosting alone. 

Facts about Facebook

104.     Male lions have manes. 

105.    James Webb Space Telescope which is to be launched in 2018 will be able to directly image “Earth-like” planets. 

106.    After WWI, the Australian military started “The Great Emu War,” where they tried to cull emus with machine guns and the emus mostly won. 

107.     The world’s largest meal included a roasted camel. It was served at an Arabic wedding feast. 

108.    Crabs usually have a distinct sideways walk. However, some crabs can walk forwards or backward, and some are capable of swimming. 

109.    As they move along snails leave behind a trail of mucus which acts as a lubricant to reduce surface friction. This also allows the snail to move along upside down. 

110.    A cat has been the mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska for 15 years. 

111.     50% of giraffe calves do not survive their first 6 months due to predation from hyenas, leopards and wild dogs. 

112.   Tarantulas are large and often hairy spiders, the biggest species have been known to kill mice, lizards, and birds. 

113.    Male platypuses are venomous. 

114.     If you were to remove all of the empty space from the atoms that make up every human on earth, the entire world population could fit into an apple. 

115.     There are six distinctive tigers: Bengal, Indochinese, Malayan, Siberian, South China, and Sumatran. 

116.    British Secret Intelligence agency MI6 used semen as invisible ink during WWI. 

117.     Whales support many different types of life. Several creatures, such as barnacles and sea lice, attach themselves to the skin of whales and live there. 

118.    The mass of the Sun is 1.989 x 1030 kg (Approximately 2 million trillion kilograms). 

119.    An ostrich is the fastest bird and can run up to 70 km/h. 

120.    A male emperor moth can smell a female emperor moth up to 7 miles away. 

121.     Koalas are not bears. 

122.    Some equations suggest that every black hole contains a universe — which would mean our universe is inside a black hole right now. 

123.    A pig’s snout is an important tool for finding food in the ground and sensing the world around them. 

124.    Snakes have two penises, but only use one at a time. 

125.    Ants can build small colonies of less than 100 ants through to very large colonies that occupy large areas and contain millions of individual ants. 

126.    A housefly hums in the key of F. 

127.    There is a program in Ohio that pairs abused, neglected or abandoned dogs with prison inmates for the rehabilitation of the dogs and the inmates. 

Facts About dogs

128.    Women have twice as many pain receptors on their body than men. But a much higher pain tolerance. 

129.     Many cat owners take their pets to the vet to be neutered, and by doing so, increase the life expectancy of their pets by 2–3 years. 

130.     Horses are big fans of water and will drink a minimum of 25 gallons every single day. In warmer countries, this amount is even higher. 

131.    In New Zealand, visitors can find a building which is in the shape of a dog – the perfect sight for dog lovers! 

132.     Swans begin breeding between the ages of 3–4. 

133.    Wolves are excellent hunters and have been found to be living in more places in the world than any other mammal except humans. 

134.     On average, dogs have better eyesight than humans, although not as colorful. 

135.    At least one-third of all duck sex is forced, and female ducks are constantly evolving ways to not get pregnant from constant rape. 

136.     Chinese villagers used to consume dinosaur fossils as medicine believing the fossils to be “flying dragon bone.” 

137.    Only 5 to 10 percent of cheetah cubs make it to adulthood. 

138.     Young hares are called leverets. 

139.    Residents of Churchill, Canada, leave their cars unlocked to offer an escape for pedestrians who might encounter Polar Bears. 

140.     The antlers of an adult male Reindeer fall off in December, whereas the young males lose their early spring. Females will lose theirs in the summer. 

141.    The blue whale weighs as much as thirty elephants and is as long as three 
Greyhound buses. 

142.    Hummingbirds can fly backward. 

143.    Whales are sometimes born with a leg or two. 

144.     A woodpecker can peck 20 times per second. 

145.     Fourteen new species of dancing frogs have been discovered in 2014, raising the global number of known dancing-frog species to 24. 

146.     Turtles lay eggs. 

facts of turtles

147.     "Neptune takes 164.79 years (60,190 days) to make one orbit of the Sun. this means that since it's discovery in 1846, it has only completed just one orbit!" 

148.    Mammals remained relatively small until 65 million years ago when the demise of the dinosaurs gave them a chance to survive. 

149.     Porcupines float in water. 

150.    Grasshoppers are commonly eaten in African, Central and South American countries, the insect is a very good source of protein. 

151.     The Moon is the Earth’s only natural satellite. A natural satellite is a space body that orbits a planet, a planet like object or an asteroid. 

152.     All turtles lay their eggs on land, not water. 

153.     Soldier ants protect their nests by plugging the entrances with their heads. 

154.    "A giraffe's neck is too short to reach the ground, so it has to awkwardly spread its front legs or kneel to reach the ground and drink water." 

155.     The Aztec people associated the turkey with the trickster God, Tezcatlipoca, due to its humors behaviour. 

156.     Some crocodile species can weigh over 1200 kg (2600 lb). 

157.    Zebras are one of the few mammals that we believe can see in color. 

158.     Studies have proven that petting a dog can reduce your blood pressure. 

159.     For a satellite or a spacecraft to stay in orbit 200 km above the earth, it has to fly over 8 km/sec. 

160.    Comets can be up to 40 kilometers across. 

161.    A hen turns her egg nearly 50 times each day to keep the yolk from sticking to the side. 

162.    Flamingos feel most secure when they are crowded together. 

163.     Astronauts aboard Apollo 10 heard unexplained outer spacey music while orbiting the dark side of the moon. 

10 Facts About Astronaut

164.     Hippopotamuses have short legs, a huge mouth and a body shaped like a barrel. 

165.     In Roman Circuses the zebra was usually called a ‘Tiger–Horse’ or a ‘Horse–Tiger’. 

166.     Headless cockroaches are capable of living for weeks. They die from starvation. 

167.     "There's a limestone cliff with over 5,000 dinosaur footprints in Bolivia, with many dating back 68 million years." 

168.     The turkey vulture’s primary method of defense is to vomit on its assailant. 

169.     The word galaxy comes from an ancient Greek word for milk (as in lactic). They called the Milky Way a milky circle. 

170.    Humpback whale songs spread like cultural ripples from one population to another. 

171.     Feral pigs that have been introduced into new areas can be a threat to the local ecosystem. 

172.     Grown pandas have to eat as much as 80 pounds of bamboo per day to meet their nutritional needs. 

173.    The antlers of Reindeer grow back each year under a fur called ‘velvet’. 

174.     The Brown bear is the national animal of Finland. 

Facts About Brown Bear

175.     Nazi’s planted trees in the shapes of swastikas during the 1930s, the first of which was discovered in 1992 by aerial survey. 

176.     "George Clooney did the voice for 'Sparky' – a gay dog in South Park." 

177.    There could be 500 million planets capable of supporting life in our galaxy. 

178.    The female lion does ninety percent of the hunting. 

179.     A sea lion is the first non-human mammal with a proven ability to keep a beat. 

180.     Tigers were declared extinct in Cambodia in 2016. 

181.    Even though the Hindenburg was inflated with 7 million cubic feet of highly flammable hydrogen gas, it had a smoking room. 

182.    The Red-billed streamertail is the national animal of Jamaica. 

183.     Cats have three eyelids. 

184.    ‘Canis Lupis‘ is Latin for Grey Wolf, which is the most common. 

185.    Ankylosaurus were herbivores (plant eaters) and had small teeth relative to their body size. 

186.     Honeybees can taste with their feet. 

Facts About Bees

187.     For every human on Earth, there are 1.6 million ants. 

188.     "Uranus was originally called “George's Star”." 

189.    A female horse is called a mare. 

190.    A cub can take up to two–and–a–half years to separate from its mother. 

191.    Mice are usually nocturnal animals. They have poor eyesight but make up for this with their very good hearing and smell. 

192.    On the moon’s surface are large dark patches called seas – because this is what people once believed they were. They are, in fact, lava flows from ancient volcanoes. 

193.     In China, Giant Pandas are known as ‘da Xiong mao’, which means giant bear cat. 

194.     Dreams get weirder as the night wears on. 

195.   The Pholcidae spider (daddy–long–legs) preys upon venomous spiders like the black widow

196.    Over 16,000 religious festivals across Spain are said to involve animal cruelty. About 60,000 animals die every year on them. 

197.    The No Animals Were Harmed moniker on movies only applies while a film is actually recording. 

198.     The European rabbit lives underground, in burrows. A group of burrows is known as a warren. 

199.    Frogs breathe through their nostrils while also absorbing about half the air they need through their skin. 

Frog Facts

200.     Other members of the arachnid family include scorpions, mites, ticks and harvestmen.