Things Happened in World in 60 Seconds - Facts Did You Know?

Things Happened in World in 60 Seconds, These 60 seconds can feel like a moment or an unfathomable length of time. The entire world is overflowing with action every minute of every day, except it's difficult to process everything without conveying it down to the most reduced shared element. Here's a gander at 13 things that happen each moment on this planet we call Earth. 

We think little of the intensity of the moment - you'd be amazed at what the world achieves when your microwave achieves zero. 

Here, are some interesting things that will occur in the following 60 seconds.

Things Happened in World in 60 Seconds

1.   Lightning will strike the world in excess of 370 times in 60 sec.  

lightning facts

2.   Your blood takes a tour through your body in 60 sec.  

3.   2.3 million searches are made on Google in 60 sec.  

4.   Hummingbird folds its wings around 4,000 times in 60 sec.  

Hummingbirds Facts

5.   Earth travel 1800 km in space in each 60 sec. 

6.   18,055 matches are made on Tinder in 60 sec. 

7.   2,540 trees will be chopped down in the rainforest in each 60 sec.  

8.   Around 55,000 barrels of oil will be utilized in each 60 sec.  

Ice Melt in Antarctica

9.   300,000 tons of ice melt in Antarctica in 60 sec.  

10.   Human kills in excess of 190 sharks in each 60 sec. 

11.   960 million tons of water will evaporate from the surface of the Earth in each 60 sec.  

12.   More than 5 million chemical reactions will occur inside every one of the cells in your body in each 60 sec.  

13.   7 new articles are added to Wikipedia in 60 sec.