9 Weird Facts About Poop - Facts Did You Know?

9 Awkward Facts About Poop, Poop isn't only a laughing matter. The researchers and specialists who examine defecation have discovered that it's the side-effect of an assorted network of microorganisms in your gut that effects your wellbeing in a wide range of ways. 

Human waste probably won't make for good supper discussion, however in the event that you pause for a minute to stop and think, maybe while perusing your most loved magazine on the cabinet, you'll understand that poop is in reality truly grand. Here, are 9 Unknown Facts About Poop. 

9 weird facts about poop

1.   In Mexico City individuals were offered free wi-fi in return for picking up dog poop and weighing them.  

2.   Human poop is around 75% water other 25% is waste materials. 

3.   72% of shopping baskets have crap fecal microscopic organisms on the handles.  

4.   All together for a rabbit to remain healthy, they need to eat their own poop.  

9 Interesting facts about Poop

5.   Lord George III had a disease that made his poop turn purple.  

6.   There is an organization named OpenBiome that will pay $13,000 every year on the off chance that you offer them your poop.  

7.   There are 4 bags of space traveler poop on the moon left by Neil Armstrong from his Apollo mission to the moon.  

8.   In 2015, somebody had a poop so toxic on a British Airway flight departure from Heathrow to Dubai that it needed to turn around and land after only 30 minutes.  

9.   Bill Gates helped fund the making of "Poop Water," which is feces turned into clean drinking water.