9 Unbelievable Facts About Sharks - Facts Did You Know?

Interesting Facts About Sharks, Sharks are the world's second biggest fish, developing as long as 9.8 meters and weighing in excess of five tons. 

Sharks spend their whole lives in the sea doing everything they can to survive, and they have played out this errand great. 

There is a great deal of data, interests, and applicable information about sharks accessible that value knowledge, Here are the 9 mind-blowing facts about sharks.

9 Unbelievable Facts About Sharks

1.   Great white sharks eat eleven tons of food per year.  

2.   People kill 100 million sharks per year.  

3.   Sharks have a cartilaginous skeleton, rather than bones.  

4.   Sharks have the biggest brains of any fish.  

5.   You can measure the age of a shark by checking the rings on its vertebrae.  

6.   Sharks can move both their lower and upper jaws.  

9 unknown Facts About Sharks

7.   Not all sharks are huge, there are types of shark which have a length up to 20 centimeters.  

8.   A normal shark has 40-45 teeth in up to seven columns. 

9.   Do you know Sharks have been living in Earth's oceans for 450 million years?