9 Interesting Facts About Millau Viaduct - Facts Did You Know?

9 Unknown Facts About Millau Viaduct, Millau Viaduct is popular as the tallest bridge in the world. With a basic stature of 343 m, this tower Designed by Michel Virlogeux and Norman Foster, Millau Viaduct was built in around 3 years with an expense of €394 million. Think about the plan, development, and history of this famous bridge in France, Here are the 9 Facts about Millau Viaduct.

What is a viaduct? 

A viaduct is a bridge composed of several small spans for crossing a valley, dry or wetland or forming an overpass or flyover.

9 Interesting Facts About Millau Viaduct

1.   Millau Viaduct bridge was constructed to solve the traffic problem in the Tarn valley. 

2.   Millau Viaduct bridge was opened to in 2004 with a total cost of around  $45,43,06,822. 

3.   Millau Viaduct bridge has 7 pillars of different heights and this bridge consist of 4 lanes. 

4.   Effiel tower also small in front of this bridge in terms of height. 

  •    Effiel tower:- 324m till the tip of the tower. 
  •    Millau Viaduct:- 343m till the tip of the bridge. 

9 fantastic Facts About Millau Viaduct

5.   Around 15,000–30,000 vehicles daily goes through this Bridge. 

6.   Millau Viaduct bridge has a total length of 2,460m ( 2.46 km ). 

7.   Millau Viaduct bridge is the highest bridge in Europe and also the world's tallest bridge. 

9 Mind blowing Facts About Millau Viaduct

8.   Millau Viaduct bridge constructed starts in 2001 and on 14 December 2004 it was officially opened by the President of France Jacques Chirac. 

9.   Around 200,000 tons of concrete was used for each of the bridge’s seven pillars.