9 Interesting Facts About Human Eye - Facts Did You Know?

Interesting Facts About Human Eye, Human Eye is the very complex part of our human body after Brain, there are millions of optic nerve cells present in the human eye and to form an image in the human brain there are lots of things which took place you might don't know about it but for now let's take a look at some Mind blowing & awesome facts about the human eye you probably don't know so, here are some of them:-

Unknown Facts About Human Eye

1.   Human eyes are capable of seeing a light fire from a distance of 23 Km.  

2.   Tears protect or help our eyes from infection and they keep our eyes perfect and moist and filled up with antibodies.  

3.   The common eye color in the world is brown. With more than 55% of the total population having brown colored eyes.  

4.   It's not possible to sneeze with your eyes open and doesn't try to do it at any cost first search on the internet afterward I'm sure you will never try this. 

9 unbelievable Facts About Human Eye

5.   Any positive idea or any excitement for anything can expand your eye pupils.  

6.   The number of working parts present in human eyes is in excess of 2 million.  

7.   Corneas are the main tissues that don't have blood.  

8.   Human babies are always born with color blindness. 

9.   Eye transplants are right now impossible because of the sensitivity of the optic nerve that's why it is the second most important organ after the brain.