9 Interesting Facts About Comets - Facts Did You Know?

9 interesting facts about comets, A comet is a little close solar system body made for the most part of frosts blended with littler measures of dust and rocks. Most comets are no bigger than a couple of kilometers over. The primary body of the comet is known as the core, and it can contain water, methane, nitrogen, and different frosts. 

At the point when a comet is warmed by the Sun, its frosts start to sublimate The blend of ice precious stones and residue overwhelms from the comet core in the sun-powered breeze, making a couple of tails. The residue tail is the thing that we ordinarily observe when we see comets from Earth. 

There are many interesting facts about comets that you probably didn't know, look at these top 9 facts about comets.

9 interesting facts about comets

1.   Comets also break up if they come too near the Sun or another planet in their orbits.   

2.   Once in a while comets are also called as "dirty snowballs" or "cosmic snowballs". 

3.   Comets have two tails

  •  a dust tail which you can see with the exposed eye. 
  •  a plasma tail which is hard to see with your eyes.  

4.   The core of a comet is made of ice and can be as little as a couple of meters across to giant rocks.  

5.   Comet leftover pieces make meteor showers.  

facts about comets

6.   A comet has four parts a nucleus, a coma, a dust tail, and an ion tail.  

7.   More than 3,000 comets are known to exist in our nearby solar system right now.  

8.   Comets just reflect 4% of the light that falls on them, the rest is absorbed.  

9.   Halley's comet enters the internal solar system each 76 Earth years and is famous very much amongst the people.