9 Awkward Facts About Toilet - Facts Did You Know?

9 Interesting Facts About Toilet, Everybody does it, yet no one discusses it Going to the toilet! It is no big surprise why there are such huge numbers of mysteries encompassing our everyday morning propensities. Helpling, the main commercial center for family unit benefits in the world, ends the quietness on World Toilet Day on the 19th of November. 

Toilets are one of those evident necessities of life. We as a whole need one. The greater part of us have at least one and we need to keep them clean yet now and again you simply need to see the interesting side of these unusual bowls. Here are 9 interesting facts about toilets.

9 interesting Facts About Toilet

1.   Up to 1 billion individuals still poop in the open area.

2.   Just 1 out of 20 individuals wash their hands properly after going to the toilet. 

3.   It is believed that Sir John Harrington has invented the first flushable toilet.  

4.   NASA put more than $24.1 million out of a suction-style toilet for the International Space Station. 

5.   Britain's King George II died in 1760 after falling off his toilet.  

9 awesome Facts About Toilet

6.   The normal individual uses around 57 sheets of toilet paper each day.  

7.   A normal toilet utilizes 6 liters of clean water in a single flush.  

8.   It may assist you in knowing that your mobiles phones have 18 times bacteria than the toilet handles.  

9.   2.6 billion individuals don't approach even a basic toilet.