8 Fantastic Fact About Octopus - Facts Did You Know?

Interesting Fact About Octopus, Octopus comes from a Greek language and it means that eight-footed. There are over two hundred species of octopuses and every one of them board oceans around the world, sometimes close to the coral reefs.

Octopuses ar extraordinarily difficult, mysterious, proficient creatures with an extended list of hidden talents! These spineless however colorful sea-dwelling beasts are around for ages keeping life within the ocean fascinatinglook into this list of the foremost fun octopus facts and quickly see why these creatures reign supreme on the Davy Jones.

8 Fantastic Fact About Octopus

1.   Only hard structure in their body is a beak, They use their beaks for eating. 

2.   Octopuses are able to change the color of their entire body in 3-10 of a second. 

3.   Female octopuses are able to lay up to 365,000 eggs.

Fact About Octopus

4.   They have three hearts and color of blood is blue, they squirt ink to deter predators. 

5.   Male octopus will die a few months after mating. 

6.   If the predator grabs them for any tentacle, they will reject it. Soon after, a new tentacle will grow. 

8 unknown Fact About Octopus

7.   Octopuses have the ability to regrow severed arms or tentacles. 

8.   The biggest octopus in the world found was 272 kg.