8 Facts About Three Gorges Dam - Facts Did You Know?

8 Interesting Facts About Three Gorges Dam, The Three Gorges Dam is a hydroelectric dam on the Yangtze River in China. As far as the measure of power it produces, it's the world's biggest power station. In ten years China has constructed the greatest ever hydroelectric dam and began a significantly more intricate and costly plan to redirect freshwater crosswise over 1,000 miles. 

The task has been tormented by defilement, spiraling costs, mechanical issues, human rights infringement, and resettlement troubles. 

For more than three decades the Chinese government rejected alerts from researchers and preservationists that its Three Gorges Dam the world's biggest had the capability of getting to be one of China's greatest natural bad dreams.

8 awesome Facts About Three Gorges Dam

1.   Three Gorges Dam's development started on 14 December 1994 and the Opening year was in 2003.

2.   The Three Gorges Dam contains 39.3 cubic kilometers of water and has an aggregate surface zone of 1,084 square kilometers.

3.   The Three Gorges Dam length is 7,660 feet and a Height of 593 feet.  

4.   The Three Gorges Dam is the world's biggest power station in terms of installed capacity 22,500 MW. 

5.   The Three Gorges Dam cost $37 billion to assemble.  

8 fantastic Facts About Three Gorges Dam

6.   The solid and steel dam is 7,661 feet long, almost 600 feet high and utilized around 510,000 tons of steel – enough to construct the Eiffel Tower sixty times.  

7.   To constructed this dam, an aggregate of 1.3 million individuals must be migrated from their homes.  

8.   The aggregate weight of the water in the dam will be 85 trillion pounds.