7 Fabulous Facts About Mummy - Facts Did You Know?

7 Interesting Facts About Mummy, Mummy have been wrapped up in incalculable frightening fantasies and overstated legends throughout the hundreds of years, however, what amount do you truly think about their history? I know I was astonished to learn they weren't even the main culture to preserve and encase their lost friends and family in an exact way — or the repulsive reason sending the remaining parts to Europe wound up prevalent amid the Middle Ages. 

Mummies may absolutely have struck a chord, yet what amount do you truly think about antiquated Egypt's broadly saved inhabitants? Here are 7 unknown facts about mummies.

7 awesome Facts About Mummy

1.   In the Victorian period in England, unwrapping mummies was a popular party event. 

2.   Egyptians started making mummies around 3400 BC. Around 2600 BC, they understood that removing the body's internal organs helped slow the decomposition process. 

3.   As per Egyptian mythology, the god Osiris was the specific first mummy.  

4.   An average mummy would weight pretty much 5 pounds. 

7 unbelievable facts about mummy

5.   The Mummies Are Thought To Be Protected With Curses In Order To Shield Them From Evil And To Prevent Them From Being Stolen.  

6.   The Egyptians were not the first to make mummies. peoples in South America did it first.  

7.   More than one million mummies have been found in Egypt, most of them are cats mummies.