11 Awesome Facts About Pizza - Facts Did You Know?

Interesting Fun Facts About Pizza, You may eat pizza on the day by day, yet what amount do you truly think about the food? Look at these 11 fun facts you never thought about it. 

Simply hearing "pizza" conveys a smile to the face of each one who eats pizza. Whatever style or assortment from thick, Chicago-style profound dish pizza loaded down with gobs of cheddar, frankfurter, and pepperoni to a thin pizza constantly makes it to the highest point of "most loved nourishment" records and the most stunning one is that it was first made by Greeks. Italians were the first to popularize it. 

Here, are 11 fun facts about pizza which you should definitely know if you love or eat pizza.

Unknown Facts About Pizza

1.   The most popular size of a pizza in the U.S. is 14 inches in width.  

2.   More than 5.5 billion pizzas are sold worldwide every year.  

3.   Domino's Pizza Delivers More Than 1 Million Pizzas per Day Worldwide. 

4.   Mozzarella cheese represents almost 80% of Italian cheese production in the United States. 

5.   Pizza Hut was the first who offered online ordering of pizzas in 1994.  

Mind Blowing Facts About Pizza Hut

6.   The world's most Expensive Pizza Costs Almost $12,000.  

7.   The world's quickest pizza maker can make 14 pizza in 2 minutes and 35 seconds.  

8.   13% of Americans eat pizza every single day.  

9.   20530 Slices of Pizza are Eaten Each Second in the world.  

10.   In Sweden, pizza is topped with bananas and curry powder.  

11.   14 Billion Pounds of Pepperoni Consumed Around the World Were From Pizza Hut.