9 Awesome Facts About Rainbows - Facts Did You Know?

9 Awesome Facts About Rainbows, Who could have suspected that a straightforward wonder of bowing of light as it goes through water beads can make such a stunning range of hues: Rainbow! At the point when this curve of seven hues shows up in the sky, it additionally expedites a grinning bend everybody's face. Rainbows are shocking, such as falling stars and Northern lights, they add up to enchantment, Mother Nature style. A reality not lost on pretty much every culture since time started.

9 Awesome Facts About Rainbows

1.   Twofold rainbows happen when light skips inside the water droplet more than once before getting away.  

2.   Earth is the only planet in the Solar system where rainbows are Possible till now.  

3.   At the point when the sun is lower, the rainbow will be higher in the sky.  

4.   A red rainbow is an extremely uncommon variety of the rainbow.  

unknown Facts About Rainbows

5.   During the Renaissance, there were four colors: Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow.  

6.   Rainbow curve is a 42-degree point beginning from the direction opposite from the sun.  

rainbow facts7.   The world's longest-enduring rainbow was seen over Sheffield, England on March 14, 1994 – it kept going from 9am to 3pm. 

8.   You can't touch a rainbow as it has no physical appearance.  

9.   You see more rainbows in tropical areas and by Waterfalls.  

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