8 Unknown Facts About Ram Setu - Facts Did You Know?

8 Unknown Facts About Ram Setu, Ram Setu or Rama's Bridge is an interstate that is made over the ocean associating Pamban Island in Tamil Nadu to Mannar Island in Sri Lanka. Logical examinations have confirmed that the Palk Strait is a characteristic scaffold framed by limestone shores.

 In any case, the Hindu religious speculations trust that it is the extension built by Lord Rama and his Vanara (monkey) armed force as said in the epic Ramayana. Shockingly, this boulevard is unmistakable from an aeronautical view even right up 'til the present time.

8 Unknown Facts About Ram Setu

1. Ram Setu is likewise called Adam's Bridge, Nala Setu, and Setu Banda. 

2. The bridge was first said in Valmiki's Ramayana, a Hindu epic and is accepted to be the bridge worked by Lord Rama's Vanara Sena.

3. The bridge is 50 km long and isolates the Gulf of Mannar from the Palk Strait. 

4. The water here is shallow with the level of depth fluctuating at specific points. 

Facts About Ram Setu5. Logical investigations uncover that it is a direct succession of coral reefs or the limestone reefs. 

6. Oceanography explore recommends that the bridge is 7000 years of age.

7. Scientific studies reveal that the bridge is made of limestone shoals and is a linear sequence of coral reefs. Scientific speculations propose that some volcanic rocks do float in water.

8. Ramayana specifies that the Setu Banda was developed with coasting (floating) stones.