Facts About Bermuda Triangle - Facts Did You Know?

7 Mysterious Facts About Bermuda Triangle, Bermuda Triangle is a weird triangular territory on the Atlantic sea where numerous boats cruising through it or planes flying over it have clearly vanished without a follow. In few of such situations where wrecks could be discovered, the group had vanished. Also, such occurrences have been going on for hundreds of years. 

In excess of 1,000 ships and planes have vanished in the Triangle region in the course of recent hundreds of years and such secretive occurrences on the Atlantic keep on taking spot even at present days.

7 Mysterious Facts About Bermuda Triangle

1.   The disappearance of the transporter ship in the Bermuda Triangle has been one of the best puzzles of the ocean. The Cargo transport was booked to reached at Baltimore on March 13, 1918, however, it never did.  

2.   The disappearance of 1,000 ships and planes have vanished in the Triangle region over the past five centuries. 

3.   A Tudor Mark-IV flying machine disappeared from the radar while flying over Bermuda Triangle and shortly before it was going to arrive at the Bermuda airplane terminal. 

4.   Researchers have found huge centralizations of methane gas because of decomposing of ocean living beings caught in the sea depths. 

7 Mysterious Facts About Bermuda Triangle

5.   The territory is known for extremely violent and unexpected storms, which develop and dissipate rapidly.  

6.   There is no evidence that strange disappearances occur with anymore greater frequency in the Bermuda Triangle.  

7.   The Bermuda Triangle is one of just two places on Earth where a compass focuses to true north as opposed to attractive north.  

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