7 Mind Blowing Facts About Blue Whale - Facts Did You Know?

Interesting Facts About Blue Whale, Blue whales are extremely old animals - they exist on the Earth 54 million years. A number of blue whales diminished radically in the primary portion of the twentieth century when whalers chased them almost to eradication. Today, blue whales are under security and their number figured out how to expand a bit. 

A blue whale is a sea-going well-evolved creature that is arranged under the baleen whale species. In logical terms, it is known as Balaenoptera musculus. The blue whales have three noteworthy discrete classes; there is the Balaenoptera musculus which occupies the North Atlantic and Pacific, Balaenoptera musculus intermedia found in the Southern Ocean, and Balaenoptera musculus brevicauda that abide in the Indian Ocean and South Pacific Ocean.

7 Mind Blowing Facts About Blue Whale

Mind Blowing Facts About Blue Whale

1.   Child whales drink around 380 to 570 liters of milk every day.  

2.   Around 100 individuals can fit in the mouth of the blue whale. 

3.   The blue whale's heart is huge! As the Size of a car, its beat can be heard from 3km away.  

4.   Blue whales swim 5 miles for each hour, yet they can quicken to 30 miles for every hour when threatened.  

5.   The sea has helped the blue whales hold their huge size without feeling the impact of gravity.  

Facts About Blue Whale

6.   A blue whale's tongue alone weighs as much as an elephant.  

7.   Blue whales rest while swimming. They utilize just 50% of their mind while sleeping.