7 Facts about the Himalayas - Facts Did You Know?

7 Facts about the Himalayas, The Himalayas, the best mountain scope of Asia, is home to world's most noteworthy pinnacles including Mount Everest and K2. They are a gathering of hilly areas arranged in Southern Asia including Pakistan, India, Bhutan, Tibet, and Nepal. Including 30 mountains and 9 of the most noteworthy crests on the planet, they frame a fence between the Tibetan level toward the North and alluvial fields of the Indian subcontinent toward the south.

Facts about the Himalayas
Himalayas Mountains!

1. After Antarctica and Arctic, the Himalayan extents is the home to a third-biggest store of snow and ice on this planet. 

2. A total of 12000 cubic kilometers or 3000 cubic miles of crisp water is put away inside the 15,000 ice sheets that are found inside the Himalayan range. 

3. The total region secured by the Himalayas is 612,021 sq. km., which is 0.4% of total land territory on Earth. 

4. The Himalayan Mountain Range was shaped generally around 70 million years back because of an impact between Indo-Australian and Eurasian plates. 

amazing facts about the himalayan mountains

5. These Himalayan Rivers are more seasoned than the peaks itself. 

6. 75% of Nepal is secured by the Himalayas. The Nepalese name Sagarmatha likewise signifies 'Forehead of the Sky'. Mount Everest sits at the Nepal-Tibet border.

7. The Himalayas have icy masses of up to 43 miles (70 kilometers) long.