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10 Unknown Facts About Banyan Tree You need to Know?:-

10 Unknown Facts About Banyan Tree You need to Know? The Banyan Tree is one of in excess of 750 types of fig trees, every one of which is pollinated just by its own types of modest wasps that breed just inside the figs of their accomplice trees. Banyans are strangler figs.

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1. It is received as the national tree of India in 1950.

2. Banyan trees are discovered all finished tropical and sub-tropical parts of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. They speak to the biggest trees on the planet by overhang scope. 

3. The name 'Banyan' is gotten from 'Banias', who rested under the trees to talk about their techniques with respect to business. 

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4. Banyans are the world's greatest trees as far as the region they cover. The greatest one alive today is in the Indian territory of Andhra Pradesh. It covers 1.9 hectares (4.7 sections of land) and can shield 20,000 individuals. 

5. Hindu writings composed over 2500 years prior depict an infinite 'world tree', a banyan developing topsy-turvy with its foundations in the sky. Its trunk and branches reach out to Earth to convey favors to mankind. 

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6. Hawaii's banyans are not local. Individuals who have planted them there incorporate Franklin D. Roosevelt, Richard Nixon, Amelia Earhart and Louis Armstrong. 

7. A standout amongst the most popular banyan trees, Kabirvad was planted on an island in a waterway in Bharuch, Gujarat, India. Records demonstrate that Kabirvad is over 300 years of age. 

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8. One of the biggest trees, the Great Banyan is found in Kolkata, India. It is said to be over 250 years of age. 

9. Banyans happen in zones of Australia, for example, the Daintree Rainforest in Tropical North Queensland

10. The name Banyan was drawn from the term banias meaning Indian merchants.