Interesting Facts About Places Around the World - Facts Did You Know?

Interesting Facts About Places Around the World:-

We all are interested in exploring the world so here are some Interesting Facts About Places Around the World which definitely increase your knowledge.

1.In America, 40% of the births come from unmarried women.

2. Apple has more money than the U.S. Treasury.

3.41% of the children in Africa are engaged in child labor aged between 5 and 14.

4.90% of the world’s freshwater is in Antarctica.

5. In Antarctica, there is only 1 ATM.

6. Canada has the Most lakes in the world.

7.Largest number of tanks are in Russia.

8. The land of no rivers – Saudi Arabia.

9. There are more than 200 languages spoken in Europe.

10. Many of the Egyptians died at the age of 30 about 3000 years ago.

11. The national symbol of Scotland is a thistle.

12. China has overtaken the U.S. economy and stood 1st as the largest economy in the world.

13. In China, the PlayStation is illegal.

14.35 million people in China still live in caves.

15. Most educated people are in Canada.

16. The largest pyramid in Egypt is build up of about 2 million stone bricks and each brick weighs 2 and a half tons. This is really massively huge.