Fun Facts About Doraemon And important facts about Doraemon for Kids - Facts Did You Know?

Fun Facts About Doraemon:-

Here are Some Fun Facts About Doraemon and i think you probably don't know all these. Doraemon is my favourite cartoon when i am a Kid and i think Doraemon is your's also the favorite cartoon when you are also a kid. so here are some of the facts given below:-

1. What does Doraemon mean?

“Dora” is a play on words. It also means “gong”, a reference to Doraemon’s round body, and his favourite food, dorayaki (sweet Japaneses pancakes with a red bean filling).“Emon” is an archaic suffix for male names.

2. Who is Doraemon’s creator?

Doraemon is the creation of Hiroshi Fujimoto and Motoo Abiko. The duo were known by their pen name Fujiko Fujio. The idea for Doraemon came about from a trio of incidents that happened to Fujimoto.

3. Doraemon’s original body color is Yellow.

Many of us assume Doraemon’s color to be blue as it appears, but that’s not true. Doraemon’s original color was yellow.

4. Are there Doraemon gadgets in real life?

An estimated 4,500 gadgets have made their appearance in the thousands of comic books, cartoons and movies based on Doraemon. They included an invisibility cloak that allows the wearer to become transparent, medical micro robots, and a brain-wave sensor that is reminiscent of Dream TV that the cat used to view others’ dreams.One gadget that is a reality today is the 3D printer, which appeared in one episode of the comic as a “Mecha-maker”

5.This is how Doraemon got his blue color.

When Doraemon lost his ears, he was so depressed that he ended up consuming a poisonous potion called ‘sadness’ that turned his body blue. But this is how we love him today.