Top 10 facts about Robot 2.0 And some Interesting facts About Robot 2.0 - Facts Did You Know?

Top 10 Facts About Robot 2.0 Movie:-

Did you know the Top 10 facts about Robot 2.0 movie as we all are waiting for the robot sequel that is robot 2.0 so here are some Interesting facts About Robot 2.0 movie which will amazed you i am sure so here are those fact about robot 2.0 Movie.

1.Robot 2.0 will be the first Movie in India which release in 15 different Language.

2.This will be the first Movie in India which is shooted Directly with 3D camera's.

3.Robot 2.0 has already earned 190 crore through selling these rights.

                    Satellite Rights:-110 Crore.

                    Hindi Theatrical rights:-80 crore.

4.Robot 2.0 will be the first Indian and asia 2nd Movie which has been completed in 550 crore budget [approx]. 

5.4-5 crore are put only in Akshay Kumar Make up only.

6.Rajinikanth is going to take 5 roles in this film.This includes a scientist, a robot, two dwarfs, and a badman, are the main characters played by the Superstar Rajinikanth.

7.Rajinikanth said that 2.0 has the kind of VFX that will match the Hollywood standards.

8.Akshay Kumar said that he believes 2.0 will create history.

9.The movie 2.0 features Akshay as the evil man.

10.This is the first time the South Indian superstar and the Rustom actor have collaborated for a movie.