7 Things Nobody Told You About Whatsapp ! - Facts Did You Know?

7 Things Nobody Told You About Whatsapp:-

Almost we all of us use the WhatsApp but in this blog, I am gonna tell you 7 Things Nobody Told You About Whatsapp. let's see how many points did you know about it ...

1. 65 billion messages sent via Whatsapp Daily.

2. Google offered $10 billion to buy WhatsApp But Facebook took it in $19 billion.

3. Currently, Whatsapp is used in 180 countries and also banned in 12 countries.

4. 4.7 billion photos are shared via WhatsApp and 1.3 billion video messages sent via Whatsapp only.

5.1.6 billion peoples use WhatsApp.

6. Whatsapp is the 5th most downloaded app on Android.

7. 1 million users join WhatsApp daily said by WhatsApp.