13 Interesting Facts About the Golden Temple of Amritsar - Facts Did You Know?

13 Interesting Facts About the Golden Temple of Amritsar:-

Most of the viewers have definitely heard about Golden Temple so, here are 13 Interesting Facts About the Golden Temple of Amritsar which definitely increase your Knowledge.

Few Lines on Golden Temple........

The Golden temple is the holiest shrine of Sikhs. It was built in late 16th century by Guru Arjan, and a copy of the Sikh scripture was placed inside the temple in 1604. Its sanctum walls were covered in marble and the dome was decorated with gold foil by Ranjit Singh in the 19th century. More than 100,000 people visit every year.

1.The Golden Temple in India serves free food for more than 100,000 people every day, regardless of faith, religion or background.

2.  35% of the pilgrims who visit the golden temple are non-Sikhs.

3.The stairs that enter the Gurdwara Golden Temple go downwards,did you noticed?

4.This temple is gilded with 1500 kg of pure gold.

5.The foundation stone of the Golden Temple was laid by a Sufi saint.

6. When Lord Rama performed Ashwamedha Yagna, a horse was sent out to claim territories under the rule of the king; Luv-Kush caught the horse in Amritsar and defeated an entire army, including Lakshmana; they even tied up Lord Hanuman at this place!.

7.More than 90% of people who cook, clean and perform numerous duties here are volunteers!.

8.Another interesting thing about this temple is that you can enter this temple from the four directions as this gate of the temple remains in the four directions. And it reflects the unity of people.

9.In this temple there is arrangement of halva for 24 hours, according to estimation, there are two lakh rotis per day.

10.The Golden Temple was first made of bricks and stones but later it used white marble.

11.The most tragic event of the Golden Temple in Amritsar was the Bluestar Operation in 1984, in which the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi took the Indian Army to the army and tank temple to prevent the movement of the hidden war in the Golden Temple.

12.The change of Blue Star Operation was done by the people of Sikh religion after killing Indira Gandhi when six Sikh bodyguards raided Indira Gandhi with bullets.

13.The water of the Sarovar situated in the Golden Temple is treated like a nectar in which the water comes from the River Ravi.